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is $500. >>> coming up at 6:00, we continue to educate you on the danger of the popular drug molly. christian schaffer continues his investigation into the club drug and its impact on our children. >> and we all like that extra hour of sleep but why do we we fall back anyway? those stories and more coming up at 6. here's a preview of what's coming up at 6:30. >> heroes on the court, but who are these mascots and what stuntses do they make david muir do? >>> disney on ice is back in baltimore. >> all your favorites are here, set to light. >> and he talked to several members about the show and their stay in charm city. >> reporter: with the show, disthey on ice has a celebration for all. >> we'll go through some of the typical celebrations, your birthday, wonder lanld and halloween. >> reporter: during one celebration, the audience is asked to help. >> change minnie mouse into a ball. so we need the magical words. >> reporter: for the skaters, the looks on children's faces is cr three love what they do. >> when they see them, they jump out of their seats. >> reporter: as the skaters
you do with 50 grand. >> i would invest a good part of it in my daughter's education and the rest, i would spend it on booze and babes, maybe. >> well, greg, mr. powers it's a pleasure to have you here. put the cards up, is it front half or back half. john is hoping it's the back half. with 57% of the vote for $100, it's the back. you got it, john. alan, greg, victoria, do not worry. the next question is worth 200 dollars. the two answers are perfectly manicured nails ore dirty nails. and the question is women who love nascar said they would rather goen a date with a man who had what, perfectly manicured nails or dirty nails? we are off to cleveland heights, ohio to say hello to alan. >> originally from akron, ohio. got a wife and 18-month-old daughter. we love halloween. my daughter is going to dress up as a duck this year and she absolutely hates ore costume. >> why does she hate it? >> she hates anything on her head. you're 18 months. you don't know why they do what they do. >> just please stop crying. let's get you some cash, is it dirty or nails or perfectly manicured nails. fli
somewhere educational. it's called showrooming and it's a thing. plus, of course you insure your car. but what about your bear trap collection? weird things people actually insure next on "the list." >> who's the most powerful of them all? this is forbes list of the world's most power poofl people. number four, pope francis. number three, she jenkins. number two, barack obama. >>> top three reasons ewe watch the list. number one, you learn things. number two, you laugh. and numb per three, you feel good knows the list just won four emmys. >>> hey, everybody, youm're on the list. i'm matt gallant. theresa has the day off. best buy? well, we haven't had the best luck of competing with rivals like amazon. now they're trying to get customers not just to browse and research prices, but to actually buy from them. connor, what's the deal? >> best buy is already in full holiday mode. recently, they debuted their first holiday ad featuring will aerks rnette. >> that phrase, your ultimate holiday showroom, is an interesting market choice. showrooming, the rack tis of going to a retail store t
rights on the red as a licensed holder. it is not accepted for federal purposes. >>> a good education or someone to watch when he's a baby. these are choices that some parents have to make as the price of child care goes up. some parts of the country it's more expensive than tuition at state colleges according to a report. massachusetts had the highest cost, as much as $16,500 a year. >> porm blackberry planning to share. the company said the ceo is stepping down. the struggling company recently appealed in an open letter to its customers to stay loyal. we have good news for you drivers. gas prices are down for the fourth consecutive day. reports for a gallon of regular gas is now at three -- $3.25. we're higher at $3.27. >>> a new tool claims to read and interpret every student's attentiveness in the classroom using facial recognition. it's called engaged sense. the camera tracks eye movements and facial expressions. that data gets interpreted and turned into a report. now this could help teachers understand how students learn best and figure out the best way to keep their attention.
recommending that parents, educators, and doctors make them available. stds are a problem. it is a controversial issue compared with ab stinnance abstennance teaching. >>> i thought stress was bad for us. an expert at duke argues that stress may be good for us. it builds resilience. stress also helps your memory. when you are stressed, all the energy is released from your body boosting your immune system. >> i am getting stresses already. >>> good evening. we look downtown. now as cold as the last several nights. 46, still bone dry. tomorrow we will start to warm up. record in the books will be 83 set back in 1946. it is replac with the clouds. we see scattered showers toward louisville. there could be a couple of scattered showers out there, otherwise cloudy skies. wednesday temperatures will be in the 60s. you will love halloween. an air surge will push things to 70. 56 in annapolis. mild in the city. clouds on top us. that was due to this high pressure system. that is heading for canada. there is a big storm west. there are rocky snows. this is rolling in our direction
of this and need to really educate their kids about what is out there because they all want to do it, there is a -- a gressive approach here for them to really go out looking for it. it's on craigslist. it's a very dangerous drug. >> thank you so much for bringing your experience in here. much more about molly including what investigators have to say about it coming up tonight at 1 is 1 after scandal. >> weather wise some good news on this halloween night in terms that most of the shower action remaining just west of the baltimore area as we start trick or treating. i think through about eight, nine we should be generally dry. not that we couldn't have a passing shower but the heaviest rain looking like it'll hold off. very mild. no need for extra layer. temperatures are still near 70. could be uncole uncomfortable in some of the heavy duty costumes. big rain maker is inbound. it'll impact overnight and on and off throughout the day friday. planning for wet morning and afternoon but for tonight, a relatively quiet evening. upper 60's with spooky clouds, a few showers by midnight.
important for you to get a financial education and take the proper steps to take care of your family. and the best way to do this is through real-estate investing. statistics show that real-estate investing is the most likely way to achieve financial independence, and more average, everyday people have become millionaires through real-estate investing than anything else. in fact, the irs reported that, over the past 50 years, of all the americans who declared more than a million dollars on their income-tax returns, 71% of them were in real estate. you see, in high school and
they're well educated or because of the way they look. so we decided to look mor deeply into this exploding trend. do we really know the consequences? "nightline" co anchor cynthia mcfadden investigates. >> we know how healthy donor eggs can be. $5,000, $10,000 says this ad. if you are a model, $50,000. >> does it make you nervous? >> at this point it's my 6th time. i don't really get nervous anymore. >> reporter: 29-year-old anna cain is a freelance writer who says she's made over $60,000 as a donor. >> as far as you're concerned there is no reason not to do this? >> no. >> reporter: today is egg retrieval day, the culmination of weeks of hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries into producing more eggs than normal. dr. joel is her doctor. >> is a donation essentially risk free? >> nothing is risk free. there is risk of the procedure. i think the right answer is yes, it's essentially risk free. >> reporter: there is a rare condition found in less than one percent of patience, ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. 27-year-old emma smith, not his patient, was so sick with
-line advertisements for both of the girls. there is a group out there now that is educating the community to recognize sex trafficking victims. >> if a girl comes to school with material needs that she didn't have before and starts talking about an older man who is acting as her boyfriend who she met on-line. that teacher, if they are trained can know to start asking more questions. >> hubert faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. >>> parents talk to their kids about stranger danger. this is why it is important. an 11-year-old told police a man tried to grab her on her way home from school in glen burnie. she was able to get away. anne arundel county police put more patrols in the neighborhood and others are talking about this on facebook, including the girl's mother. >> she was just kind of letting other moms in the community be aware of the situation. she said she'll be cutting back her hours at work to be home, or pick up her daughter from the bus stop. >> police are encouraging parents to have kids walk in groups and stay in well lit areas. >>> so we are dry on this wednesday m
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9